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Fin-ML CREATE graduate program students will participate in a variety of training activities including:



Machine Learning Applications in Finance and Insurance

Program of intensive training modules given by affiliated researchers and industry professionals.


Problem Solving Workshop in Financial Analytics

where a selected number of partners will present relevant R&D problems for their companies.


Full Semester Course

followed by students at their respective universities, and presenting pre-requisite material to following the rest of the activities.


External Workshops and Seminars 

organized by other institutions, will be selected by the Fin-ML team and presented to the students to expose them to different topics and interests.



Professional Competencies Workshops 

offered by partner organizations and teaching professional and marketable skills such as: Commercialization, IP & Patents, AI Ethics in Finance, Communication, Grant Writing and Peer Review, …



A mandatory CREATE Internship Program

where students will work on an industrial problem under the supervision of an academic team-member and an R&D team-member of an industrial partner. This internship represents 20% of the program.


Annual CREATE Industrial Research Conference

that will feature the latest results of their research and industrial internships. This will be a unique opportunity to get acquainted with all projects and to develop communication skills since they will be presenting their results to their peers as well as to invited participants from academia and industry.


Job Fair

where students can have the chance to meet professionals from the industry, and where our industrial partners can present their internship needs

The Fin-ML CREATE training program will not only provide multidisciplinary skills to the students but it will also create a group cohort identity and collaborative problem-solving experience. All of these activities will make use of financial information and trading computer applications widely used in the industry, thus bringing an added-value to the professional training of our students who will get early exposure to such platforms. They will also provide students with a close look at how the financial industry is organized and the challenges that await them as they progress in towards a career in mathematical finance. These activities will be delivered by the co-applicants and their collaborators from academia and industry. Videoconferencing solutions and travel grants will be provided to guarantee the participation of out of town students.